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No matter your business, blog, store or organization, Meteorsites specially designs website templates that prove to be the most effective and powerful way to present your ideas and brand online.


Dental is the awesome responsive HTML5 template, created for medical websites. The main accent was made on dental clinics and dentists, but it can also be used for any other types of medical institution. It has very clean and minimalistic design.

Template Sites

African Store

This is a website custom made for a store selling african clothing, instruments and accessories. It is easy to navigate and allows users to be comfortable while buying products.

eCommerce Sites

Tomorrows Trees

Tomorrows Trees is a custom website built for a small business in Connecticut. They provide tree removal, tree trimming and other services, that we needed to look credible.

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Press is a magazine-style template for all your blogging needs. With its powerful CMS, you'll be ready to publish immediately. Try its 2 different layouts and multiple sections today.

Template Sites


Custom made landing page, and menu easy to use, and uses call-to-actions to influence users to call the restaurant "Valentinos".

Custom Sites


Denali is a simple responsive blog template. Easily add new posts using the Editor or change layout and design using the Designer.

Template Sites

Law office of Chris Albanese

Custom made website for Law Office of Chris Albanese. This website had many key features such as social media integration, as well as design sciences to present a warm comforting feeling.

Custom Sites


Risoto is an enchanting and easy-to-use HTML5 restaurant Webflow template that allows you to tell your story in a dynamic, narrative and enjoyable way, making it perfect for restaurants, bakeries, bars or coffee shops.

Template Sites

Mobile friendly, easy to use.

Meteorsites websites are responsive. This means they don't redirect to a new site, like WIX websites, which are bad on desktop and mobile devices alike. Responsive websites change their layout and design for each device used. All Meteorsites are developed by real people, not an automated machine. With Meteorsites, you can know your getting the benefits of a web developer, and the comfort and affordability and getting your brand new site online.

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At Meteorsites we build websites using our own customized platform, this way you never have the issues that wordpress, or other common erupt. No more of the same exact template, virus filled, in-effective websites. Our unique template websites are customized for your business to be easy to update, responsive, and to separate your business from your competition.

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Most affordable option, consisting of unique templates that will be customized to your industry and business.

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You don't have to worry about spending days on learning how to develop a website with some ineffective DIY platform. We take care of it.


Our websites are the most affordable option for getting a quality website developed. We are only $100, instead of $5,000 like most web agencies.


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All our websites come with an optional website editor called a "CMS". It is the easiest to use CMS out there and we will teach you how to edit any content on your site if you'd like!

Real People, no automated machine.

When your order a website, instead of calling in for a customer support line, you get the phone number and email of our head developers, including me, the owner, Cameron G. Johnson.

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Small businesses can't afford the expense of having a bad website. It represents you and your business, and almost everyone chooses the product they buy, the business service they use, or the blog they read off of the website design and development. If you don't think you need a modern responsive site, that's because you've never had one. Do you have a question? Maybe an answer is in the Meteorsites FAQ.