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Buying a website is expensive and complicated. You can try building a website yourself, only to find that DIY website builders don't work. Or you can spend thousands of dollars to pay a web designer only to hope you like the website they make. But now... you can pick your website, and have it built for you by professional web designers, all in the comfort of your home.

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We know having a website is necessary. What we may not know, is that a bad website, can be just as bad as no website at all. A website needs to have a few qualities, must be responsive, easy to use, and to accurately sell your business, product or brand. With Meteorsites, you get all of this done professionally without the stress of haggling and being uninformed on what your site will look like.

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When you choose Meteorsites, you get an award winning web design team working on your project. We take a special attention into each website we build. We won't just build you a website and leave you in the cold. We show you how it works, and we ask if there are any changes you'd like to make. With Meteorsites, you get the quality of a web designer with the efficiency of getting a site online.

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How do I get my site?

Your time is valuable, so we kept this process short. You'll pick a website, get an email from our web design team, then you'll have a brand new website!


1. Pick your site

It's time to present your business to a world of customers. The first step, is to choose your Meteorsites website design. Whether your a restaurant owner, startup tech-company, or blogger, you there is a design for you. Just pick a website that best fits your company, and we can customize specifically for you.

Pick your website

2. Sign up

Once you've chosen your favorite website design, click "pick website". It will scroll you down to a sign up form. Fill out your information with any questions or comments about your upcoming project! The next step is to wait for a response from our web designer team within 3 hours. You'll be able to discuss your website with a real person, and even have a phone number to call.


3. Pay and submit site info.

Once you hear from our web designer team, we will ask you a few questions about what you'd like on your website, and send you a payment link for your website! After you pay and submit your website info, we will help you connect your domain, and you'll be all set!


4. Share and save!

You now have an awesome website unique to your business. Congrats! But don't leave yet, some more great news. Once your website's up and running, you'll get a personalized coupon code. Every time someone uses this code, they will save $5 every month, and you'll save $10 for as long as they keep their website! If 10 people use your coupon code, you could have a website for free!

Let's Talk!

Have a question? Great! We have fast support that can answer any questions, help you pick your website, or even do it for you based on your industry and unique business. The best part, you'll reach a real person.

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